Working Apart Together

Working Apart Together

Everything is better in your pajamas! For the past couple of weeks, employees of Sulzer US have been working remotely from their homes, as they patiently await the news to move into their brand new Sulzer office space! Until then, working from home is the way of life for our IT family. 

Check out some the work stations that have been keeping our employees busy!


Furry friend: Let’s go play catch! Holger: Can’t, it’s work from home week


Stephen’s comfy & cozy couch cove

Heribert’s sittin’, takin’ selfies and sippin’ on coffee


Cool mouse Frank!

Cristina – you working hard or hardly working?!

Brian’s desk is too legit to quit!

Rachael’s so happy to pose for this picture!

Ben’s taking notes and catching rays!

You missed a spot, Shannon!


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