Sulzer US welcomes Olga Zimonjic Haygood as Managing Director

Sulzer US welcomes Olga Zimonjic Haygood as Managing Director

Sulzer US expands its territory to the DC Metro area with Olga Zimonjic Haygood as Managing Director

Sulzer US, LLC is pleased to announce its recent hire of Olga Zimonjic Haygood, who has joined the team as Managing Director of its new, Washington D.C. Metro area office. As Managing Director, Olga will lead the organization’s expansion into new territory as it continues to focus on delivering custom software solutions.

Olga brings abundant energy and enthusiasm to Sulzer US, as well as a wealth of experience managing and growing client relationships and teams. Most recently, Olga was the Head of Client Services for Wunderman Thompson Employ (formerly J Walter Thompson INSIDE), where she led global client engagements for notable brands and managed a national cross-functional team in delivering bespoke brand and recruitment marketing solutions. Throughout her career, Olga has built purpose-driven teams and partnered with clients in developing measurable programs that moved their organizations forward. Notably, Olga led a rebrand for General Motors to attract tech talent in support of expanded mobility services. Most recently, she worked with Northrop Grumman and agency partners, on research, strategy and launch of a new brand. Previous experiences include roles in public affairs and public relations.

“We’re very happy that we can now provide better service in the D.C. area and have a great new partner on our journey,” said Julian Offermann, President at Sulzer US. “Olga is going to play a big part in shaping the company’s future.”

Sulzer US places a great emphasis on creating a strong company culture as it empowers employees to deliver great work. Upon meeting Olga, the team knew it was an unequivocal match.

“At J Walter Thompson INSIDE, we believed that people join cultures and not companies and conducted research to prove it,” Olga noted. “I have always been passionate about fostering a culture where people are excited to work, feel supported daily, and are given opportunities to learn and collaborate. So, having learned that this is in the very fabric of Sulzer US, I thought that this opportunity would be a great match and that, together we could achieve great things in the future.”

OIga will drive not only Sulzer’s expansion to a new region, but she will also facilitate the organization’s growth into new industries beyond automotive and mobility. Olga continued: “Technology solutions are industry-agnostic and in demand for any customer-facing business.  My client experience has taught me that most companies rely on technology to improve customer experience and drive growth.  Sulzer’s innovative technology solutions do just that, and are relevant to any company grappling with big data, seeking insights, and looking to develop cloud-based solutions.”  

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