Week of 10/23/2017

Week of 10/23/2017




eBay Launches Visual Search Tools that Let You Shop Using Photos from Your Phone or Web





The tools, Image Search and Find it on eBay, leverage advancements in computer vision and deep learning, including the use of neural networks, the company notes.

Walmart is Using Shelf-Scanning Robots to Audit its Stores
The Verge






They sit in recharging stations in the store until a human employee gives them a “mission” — e.g. checking a particular aisle to see what needs re-stocking. The robots are supposed to save workers’ time, but Walmart says it will also use the data they collect to improve efficiency nationwide.



New Crash Tests Aimed at Boosting Front-Passenger Safety





Now the IIHS is upping the ante again by introducing a passenger-side version of the aforementioned small overlap crash test after determining that while many vehicles did a superior job of protecting the driver under such circumstances, some didn’t safeguard the front passenger as effectively.

To Let Self-Driving Cars Go Anywhere, Train Them Everywhere






Today, most companies testing self-driving technology use a combination of radar, lidar laser scanners, and cameras. Radar works great in bad weather. Like Superman himself, it can see right through thick fog, rain, and snow. But its data isn’t detailed enough to let a self-driving car navigate a complex world.



You Can’t Buy a Self-Driving BMW Until 2021 (And That’s a Good Thing)





It wants to make sure everyone knows it’s moving forward, but doing so at its own pace, to make sure it delivers an experience that’s on-brand. If you’re a BMW driver, you probably appreciate that.

Car2go: Smart Cars are Out, Mercedes-Benz Vehicles are In
The Seattle Times
The company has slowly been upgrading its fleet of smartphone-accessed rental cars, replacing the two-passenger Smart cars with five-passenger Mercedes vehicles.



16 Years Ago Today, Apple Unveiled the Original iPod
Mac Rumors





“How many times have you gone on the road with a CD player and said ‘Oh God, I didn’t bring the CD I wanted to listen to.’ To have your whole music library with you at all times is a quantum leap in listening to music.”

Bloodhound SSC Finally Runs, Breaks 210 mph in First Runway Test
Arc Technica





“Although 210 mph is far below the car’s ultimate target of 1,000 mph, today was a proper workout for the vehicle,” Green said. “The car is designed for high speed on a desert rather than sprint performance off the line, but it still accelerated from zero to 210 mph in less than eight seconds.”

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