The evolution from desktops to rise of mobile devices and various internet trends have reshaped the web surfing habits and by that demands on websites fundamentally.  A wide range of devices with variety of display sizes, different browsers with individual settings for instance creates huge challenges for static web design.  Today, websites need to in a fit state for heterogeneous demands hence projects must be carefully planned, designed and technically implemented.

The Solution — responsive web design — one version of website design adapts automatically and independently to the given environment.  The layout auto-adjusts to fit in accordance to the size of the browser window while the elements such as navigation buttons, side columns, content and functionality adapts to it.

We can support in implementing web application projects alike over the entire project lifecycle that involve conceptual design, technical design and implementation.  We put a great emphasis on the user experience and test these website and web applications across various platforms.  We can also be the responsible partner when it comes to Support and Maintenance the applications.

Used technologies:

  • HTML 5
  • AngularJS / ReactJS
  • Java / NodeJS