Team Building

Team Building

Putting communication skills to work, strengthening bonds between colleagues, and learning how to think outside the box. These are all characteristics of team building exercises that everyone in the office can benefit from. What are the best team building exercises, you ask? Games!! Games provide an opportunity for employees to come together in a unique way to accomplish a goal. For employees who do not work with each other regularly, they get a chance to learn about each other’s skills and are given the opportunity to bond. There are other people who work with the same individuals on a daily basis, but games allow them to work on something more creative and with no deadlines, a.k.a. less stress! And the best part? They’re actually fun! The Sulzer Squad recently played a game we call “Marshmallow Tower.” We split into four teams and each team had ten pieces of spaghetti, a string, small pieces of tape, and three marshmallows. That’s it! The goal was to create the tallest tower with just these materials. Let’s see how everyone did…


One challenge was that the spaghetti was actually angel hair pasta, and therefore even thinner and harder to keep from breaking! But the biggest challenge was that a whole (and heavy) marshmallow needed to be placed atop the tower for it to qualify. All four teams did a great job of working together as a team and using each others’ strengths to build this structure, but only one team could be on top!

And the winner is…!!

This tower, not unlike the Sulzer Squad itself, has a sturdy foundation and strong bonds, reaching for the sky, and proving to be #1!

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