Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

We may not have warm, spring weather yet, but that’s not stopping us from getting active with some rock climbing; Indoor rock climbing, that is! Just minutes from the office, The Gravity Vault is a great place for teams to get in some bonding after work hours. With about four people to every one instructor, the groups were small enough that everybody got ample climb time and big enough that there was always a cheering squad rooting for you at the bottom. We had great instructors who were at the other end of our harnessed ropes also cheering us on and suggesting the next move to get to the top.

Imagine this: The climb starts off easy. Left arm and left leg up, right arm and right leg up. Then you realize you’re halfway up the wall, heart racing, and don’t know your next move. You hold on tighter and try to reach your foot up to your hip’s level. Sounds hard! But rock climbing is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a mental one, too. When you think you don’t have the energy to pull yourself up to the next handhold, your eagerness to succeed and make it to the top kicks in and you power through!

And if you think this is just an individual activity, you are sorely mistaken (emphasis on sore. It’s quite the workout!). A few of us participated in what I like to call, “Blind Rock Racing.” Two climbers were blindfolded and went toe to toe, climbing up walls with comparable skill levels while others on the floor guided him or her on where their next move should be. Our team is growing and it’s more important than ever to find team building opportunities in so many things we do!



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