Sulzer Goes Spartan

Sulzer Goes Spartan

Picture this: Your heart is beating heavily, muscles ready to give out, sweat dripping down your dirt covered face as you contemplate whether or not to tackle the dreadfully steep, muddy mountain waiting ahead of you, or turn back. You look to your team members in disarray as they give you the nod of approval to gather their last bits of energy and push to the finish.


Stumbling across the finish line, you are officially a Spartan warrior. This is what three of our Sulzer employees accomplished on Saturday, June 3rd at the Tuxedo Park Spartan Sprint.



A Spartan race is an obstacle course based race varying in distance and difficulty. Races include the Spartan Sprint, the Super Spartan, the Spartan Beast, and the Ultra Beast. Some of the obstacles include the spartan ladder, the ape hanger, ring the bell, barbed wire crawl, herc hoist, and fire jump.

The Spartan Sprint is about a 3-5-mile course, but the team clocked it around 4.9 miles from start to finish and strived to the end for 2 hours.



It was a rewarding feat for Sulzer’s team Null Mercy. Here’s what they have to say:

“The two most challenging obstacles of the race for me were definitely the barb wire crawl and the bucket carry challenges. I went into the barb wire crawl at a full energy because I definitely did not realize how long it was. I thought it was maybe like 10-20 yards, but when I got there, I realized that it was never ending.”

-Elliot, Front End Developer


“It was a lot of fun but the hill was very steep since it was on a ski mountain. Relish and mustard packets littered the trails because they are apparently good for you if you are dehydrated.”

-Reed, IT Support Specialist


“Overall, the race really is about teamwork. There were several obstacles where we helped one another complete them and cheered each other on for motivation. I couldn’t have gotten through some of the obstacles without them!”

-Lauren, HR Generalist


As the saying goes, “team work makes the dream work” and it definitely proved to be right for Null Mercy. Sulzer US is proud to have these Spartan champions as a part of their office team each day and we’re looking forward to seeing what other great things our people can do.

Are you up to the challenge?

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