NEW! Bootcamp Breakdown

NEW! Bootcamp Breakdown

 Coding bootcamps are high-impact training courses for coders looking to enter the tech industry job market. They are popular among students who want to learn the skills that employers in the real world are looking for, and therefore also popular among job recruiters. Often referred to as the “fast track” to well-paying tech jobs, bootcamps offer lower tuition costs, shorter class times, and a practical learning curriculum.

As Sulzer US continues to grow, we have been lucky enough to find some of our employees through various bootcamps! With the introduction of our new blog series, “Bootcamp Breakdown,” we’ll give you insight from our experienced team members on how they prepared for coding bootcamp and what they learned from their journeys.

First up…Garrett!

Garrett from General Assembly


A little about Garrett…

Upon diligently researching for bootcamps, Garrett discovered General Assembly in NYC. Before committing to the camp, he took online courses in basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make sure the event was something he would enjoy. Garrett attended the camp for about 3 months where he learned how to adopt a higher-level view and goal-oriented attitude. The bootcamp taught him to take a step back, look at the big picture, and to focus on the goal and meaning behind every task.

Despite the 5 days per week, 8 hours per day of learning, coding, and practicing at a frantic pace, Garrett successfully created a final project─ an app for comedians. The app would record all their notes and jokes and then craft “routines” using the recordings. The project including a culmination of things he learned over the course of the program.

What is his advice for future bootcamp students?

“Forget everything you know and all the old ways you know of doing things. I had to work hard on, sort of, re-writing my brain chemistry to start thinking like a developer, instead of like a journalist who codes. Have an open mind and don’t be scared by the challenges – embrace them and use them to make yourself better.”

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