Meet Our Interns

Meet Our Interns

What’s better than one intern? Try four! Sulzer US is so excited to have interns working with several different teams. Our interns are committed to bringing their skills and ideas to the table to make our team even more efficient than it already is. Let’s meet them!




Everyone say, “Hi Christian!” Christian came aboard in November as a Front-End Developer Intern. He recently graduated from Connecticut College where he received a major in Computer Science and minor in Economics. He heard about Sulzer US through a coding bootcamp he attended, the Flatiron School. Christian is working on a project for BMW/MINI designing the online driver’s guide. During his 12-week internship, one of his goals is to improve his confidence and ability with coding. His team encourages him to make the best effort possible to solve any issue but also to not be shy to ask for help- as that’s what they’re there for! One of his favorite things about Sulzer is everyone’s eagerness to get together outside of work, especially to go hiking. Christian enjoys playing and watching sports, especially soccer, basketball, and tennis. During his journey at Sulzer he hopes to gain experience with the front-end frameworks Angular and React and obtain a meaningful work experience.




I’m Cassidy! I also joined Sulzer US in November as our very first Social Media and PR Intern, AKA the voice behind the blogs! Currently, I’m studying Communication and Media Arts with a minor in Criminal Justice at Montclair State University. I was on a job application website when I saw the opening for Sulzer US and went for it! Working closely with our HR team, I’ve been proactively contributing new content for our LinkedIn and blog, as well as looking into new opportunities for our HR team─ from awards, connecting with nearby University’s, unique ways to reach potential employees and clients, raising our brand awareness, and outings the whole team can join in on. I’ve been doing lots of research covering all things social media too. Keep an eye out for a new social media platform for Sulzer US very soon! I appreciate the free range I’m given to create original content and I value the input and advice I receive from Sulzer’s HR team. One of my favorite aspects about interning at Sulzer is how welcoming and supportive everyone is. In my free time, I like to spend time with my family, travel, go to the beach, and try new things─ especially food. I look forward to gaining additional workplace experience and am eager to see where my creativity takes me. I’m happy to have had my very first internship with Sulzer US!




Meet Tyson, a graduate of Rutgers University with a major in Computer Science! Tyson joined us right as we rung in the new year as our Java Developer Intern. He heard about Sulzer through his friend who happens to be one of our other Interns, Brian! Tyson has been working hard on a recommender system for our BYO development. He enjoys being around team members who have similar interests as him as well as the challenges he may come across on a day to day basis. Like many others at Sulzer US, Tyson loves to go hiking. Born and raised in California, Tyson was surrounded by different terrains which inspired him to take up photography too. He’s captured shots of the landscapes and wildlife from the top of Mountain Konocti as well as several others. Through his internship experience with Sulzer, Tyson hopes to gain the knowledge and ability to design a web service in all its details that has an easily extendable and responsive service.



Hey, Brian! Brian will graduate from Rutgers University this May with a major in Computer Science. Finding the job on LinkedIn, he applied to the Sulzer US website and joined us in May of 2018 as an Application Developer Intern. Currently, he is working on the BYO Dashboard application which allows users to manage all sorts of information and files. Brian is always looking to learn more and says Sulzer is just the place for that! He’s been able to learn several new technologies such as the latest Spring Framework 5.0 and work with AWS, more specifically working with Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon S3. Brian also successfully built a complete Angular application with the latest version of Angular 7 and Angular Material. He enjoys the opportunities to work together on team projects and build upon the topics he’s been learning in school. Brian appreciates the culture at Sulzer─ from summer activities and lunches, to the ping pong and foosball tables. His team encourages him to set mindful goals of what he wants to accomplish. In his free time, he likes to do game development, play Xbox with his friends, watch the NFL, go fishing, and of course spend time with his dog, Jeter. Brian has been expanding his knowledge by learning new things every week, which is something he plans to continue doing while building his programming and development skills as well.


Sulzer US is proud to have Christian, Cassidy, Tyson, and Brian on our team.  Best of luck, and welcome to the squad!

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