Everyday I’m Guzzlin’

Everyday I’m Guzzlin’

By, Cristina Moreno

Cristina, HR Coordinator

Ever heard of the 8×8 rule for drinking a healthy amount of water daily? 8 glasses of 8 ounces everyday. Easy to remember, and realistic to achieve. Or so we thought…

Last month, we embarked on an office-wide activity as part of our summer challenge series. The task: drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day for an entire work week. That’s 320 ounces between Monday and Friday! Many were excited for some friendly competition, and I was all game. To keep track of our water intake, we had a chart by our water cooler that we would mark every time we finished a glass – we relied on the honor system.

Before the challenge, I thought I was pretty good at consistently drinking water throughout the day, and thought this would be a breeze! But when I factored in how busy my workday sometimes gets, I realized that some days I would forget to drink any water at all – not acceptable! I changed my mindset and dedicated myself to this challenge, and here’s how my week of intense hydration went:

Day #1: Easy as Pie: I came into work ready to tackle the challenge. First, I filled my handy Sulzer branded S’well bottle which holds 17oz of water. While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, I took advantage and drank some water. Off to a great start! I successfully finished Monday’s water intake without thinking twice.

Day #2: Chug-a-Thon: I think I came into Tuesday a little too confident. By lunch-time I didn’t even finish my first bottle of water. Many team members finished their water for the day and I was really behind. At 4pm, I challenged a colleague of mine to a power hour of sorts. Determined to complete the challenge, I drank 34oz in one hour. Granted, I may have not felt so great after. 

Day #3: Time to Strategize: Disappointed with Tuesday’s results, I promised myself to be more mindful for the remainder of the week. I made sure to drink an entire 16oz water bottle before even touching my coffee mug. It felt great to walk into the office and mark the water chart before anyone else did. In the afternoon, I grabbed a sparkling flavored water as a pick-me-up that also allowed me to mark the chart.

Day #4: No Cutting the Bathroom Line: Things got real at the office as the water challenge was in full effect…there was an actual bathroom line! Throughout the day I like to drink coffee, mostly because it warms me up. On Thursday, I decided to swap my coffee for some tea, which allowed me to continue the streak even as I got home.

Day #5: Feeling Fine on a Friday: I woke up feeling energized! Could it be all the water I was drinking? Determined to finish strong, I scoured the internet for an app that would help me track my water. The search led me to WaterMinder, an app that syncs with my phone and iWatch. I used WaterMinder to set reminders for myself during the day and it worked great! By early afternoon, I had completed the water challenge. #HYDRATIONMOTIVATION

From left: Frank, Shannon, Elliot, Cristina, and Holger

In the end, this challenge really proved that I was not drinking enough water, or any on some days! Thinking back before the challenge, I was quick to grab a coffee, soda, or juice often, which didn’t help.

Now, I wake up craving water before anything else! I find myself feeling more energized and even sleeping better through the night. I feel fully committed to drinking water more in general, and feel confident I can do so with ease. It’s amazing how 5 days launched me towards a healthier me, and I’d like to thank some friendly office competition for it.

First summer challenge down… I‘m ready for what’s next.









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