Let’s Get Moving!

Let’s Get Moving!

Were you a part of the 32.4% of people who made a weight loss or healthier living-related New Years Resolution this year? Are you sticking with it? We hope you said yes, but the reality is that about 42% of resolutions don’t last longer than a month.1

If you’re someone who made this resolution and work in an office, chances are your rolling chair and stationary desk are the reasons you aren’t as active or why, even though you’re off your feet, you still feel tired by the end of the day. This is because there are adverse effects to sitting for long periods of time, including muscle strains, poor circulation, increased risk of heart disease, and effects to mental well-being.2

In order to combat this, experts recommend taking simple steps like taking a walk during your lunch break or standing while making a phone call. They also suggest investing in a standing desk or treadmill desk. Since we recognize that those last suggestions aren’t always realistic options, we’d like to share a post from our friends at Snack Nation. They have come up with exercises that you can perform right at your desk!3 If you sit at a desk all day and want to stick with your New Years resolution, this post could be just what you need to get yourself moving and feeling energized!


Photo Credit: Snack Nation


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