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The holiday season is packed with wonderful activities: Ice skating, snowboarding, gift shopping (although not always wonderful), and spending time with family and friends; just to name a few. And as the good times advance, so does technology, and using it to perform these activities has become more and more common. (Think buying your lift tickets online ahead of time and taking selfies as you traverse the mountain.)

One of the more common gift selections during the holiday season is electronics. Electronics are fantastic at making every day tasks much more efficient and make life easier. Roomba vacuums are a prime example of this. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a clean floor after being away for a weekend without lifting a finger?

However, technology has its down sides, too. The issue with security this holiday season may not be the user like it has been in years past. An issue may be the developer’s fault. Companies sometimes discover security flaws after they release their product and the buyer is unaware. Also, if a product is on the shelf in a warehouse for a few months before being purchased, it may have missed a critical update!

Companies will often release product updates in order to increase security. Have you ever gotten an update request on your computer, or your phone asked you to upgrade (but you click “Remind Me Later” because you just don’t got time for that!)? More times than not, security upgrades are embedded within these updates. Apple is a company that is rather famous for doing this after releases. So, to protect your information this holiday season: Update! Update! Update! If you get a gift that suggests you update the software, you should do it. The more you update, the more likely you are to be secure and to enjoy your experience with your new device!


By: Matthew McCaffrey

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