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A Spoonful of Holiday Cheer From Sulzer US

Happy Holidays from Sulzer US! Every year we like to send out a special treat to all our clients to show our appreciation of them. This year, we got together to make DIY chocolate dipped spoons topped with different festive candies— the perfect treat to help mix together any cup of hot cocoa. The Sulzer Squad hopes that everyone is starting off their holiday season with some of their very own delicious delights! 

Happy Holidays!



Introducing the Sulzer US Culture Deck

What is culture and what does the culture feel like at Sulzer? To answer those great questions, Sulzer US recently unveiled their culture deck. The Sulzer Culture Deck covers everything under the sun about what it means to be a member of the Sulzer Squad. Our new interns and employees receive their own mini book during their first few days at Sulzer. The culture deck is a great resource for a quick reminder of what our team values and expects, as well as pointing out the unique features our office has to offer. It even includes a glossary with some key words you might hear around the office. Throughout the book there are blank pages so one can take notes and write their own story. 

“Coasting” into the Holiday Season

The Sulzer Squad loves to do new activities together – especially during the holidays! We jump started December with a DIY coaster decorating activity and our annual LAN party! At the coaster table, the squad got to show off their creative side while getting to know our two new interns.


On the other side of the office, was the LAN party (Local Area Network). The gamers hooked their computers up and played until 2AM. They turned the conference rooms into game rooms for the night as they played Counter Source Strike and the new Fifa 19, a little fun for everyone.


Cheers to the Holiday season!





Supporting Veterans at Sulzer US

As we take today to honor all military veterans, the team at Sulzer US concludes its first clothing drive in support of the Purple Heart Foundation. The Purple Heart Foundation provides support to veterans and their families through grants, outreach programs, and donations to organizations whose programs help veterans.

The clothing drive, held through the months of October and early November, turned out to be a great success! Team members graciously donated gently used clothing, handbags, and shoes in support of the Foundation. We are so grateful for everyone’s participation.

Happy Veterans Day!

Just Keep Walking

By Frank Buch

Another health challenge was announced in the last week of August. This time the goal is to do 10,000 steps each day for 5 days. This will end up in 50,00 steps for a whole week.That sounds quite a lot to me. Usually I do between 3 and 4 thousand steps per day. Now doing 10,000 each day for 5 days is a real challenge. I prepared myself mentally and set the goal to go running (on a treadmill) each day of the week.

Day #1:

While in the office, I managed to get around 3,000 steps in. So, I had to go to the gym and take my plan into action. I went on the treadmill and used a pre-set routine that is 5 miles long. (I never ran more than 5k which equals 3.1 miles).

I knew if I finished 5 miles, then I would hit the 10,000 steps target for the day. My calves started hurting just a few minutes into the run and then around 20 minutes later my feet started to slowly get numb. Nevertheless, I wanted to get my steps in for the day and hit my personal goal of running 5 miles. After 62 minutes, I finally reached the goal and was happy to finish the run and get some rest.

I completed day #1 with a total of 14,514 steps!

Day #2:

Getting up in the morning, I knew I would get some soreness in my legs as I have never run 5 miles before. Usually it takes around 20 – 24 hours for me to become sore in a muscle. Using this information, I decided to start my day off running first to avoid any kind of muscle pain in the late evening.

That means I headed into the gym right in the morning, before work. I accepted the challenge and went for another 5-mile run. This time it felt even more difficult, but I had my phone with me and distracted myself from the pain by watching some motivational YouTube videos. It worked out great! I even finished the 5 miles two minutes faster than the day before.

After taking a shower I went straight into the office. Having on-site client meetings on Tuesday led to even more steps that day. I was able to finish day #2 with an all-time high of 17,788 steps!!

Day #3:

I was planning to run again, but this time the soreness from the last two days took over. After work I was able to do a little bit of running, but I couldn’t reach my personal goals to complete the 10,000 steps on Wednesday. Therefore, I ended up with only 9,062 steps! Still a high number and having in mind that I finished the first two days with a lot more steps I had built myself a buffer.

Day #4:

On Thursday things went somehow worse. I felt some pain in my left foot. My body was not used to this kind of intense training and running for an extended period. I still wanted to get the 50,000 steps by the end of the week. Therefore, I took it slow, did my usual 3-4k steps a day and headed into the gym after work. There I only took some slow walks and did a usual full body workout (leaving out the legs).

That day I was only able to get up to 8,598 steps. This lead me to a total of 49,962 steps by end of Thursday. At this time, I knew I am safe and can easily finish the 50,000 steps by end of the week.

Day #5:

Fridays throughout the summer we had Summer Fridays in the office, that usually included outside activities. The 3rd Friday of the month was special as we had a BBQ party after work in a park nearby. There we had lots of fun playing cornhole and soccer. This helped me getting my steps up again for the final round.

At the end of the day I reached another 9,265 steps. Finally, the challenge was over, and I hit my goals!


It was fun and really challenging to get up to 50,000 steps in a 5-day week. I knew I could do it and believed in myself from the beginning. In the end it’s all about the effort that you put into it. Same with every other aspect of life: the more time you dedicate to your goals, the more likely you are going to achieve them.

I was happy I participated in the challenge. Next time I may pace myself in the beginning to stay strong until the end. Next goal: Spartan Beast 14+ mile run this weekend 😊

Thanks for reading!

School Supply Drive 2018

At Sulzer US, we aim to make an impact! In anticipation of the upcoming school year, we hosted a School Supply Drive from July 30th through August 17th. The supplies were collected in our office and brought to Jersey Cares, a non-profit volunteer organization. Jersey Cares works with dozens of schools, children’s shelters and community centers with the goal that no child in New Jersey will have to arrive at his/her first day of school without these basic necessities. At the conclusion of the drive, we collected an outstanding total of 55 items – including 6 backpacks! We look forward to more philanthropic and volunteer initiatives in the future!

Sweat, Smile, Repeat

By, Cristina Moreno

*Runs to the computer* Hi everyone, I am back and out of breath! This month, to continue Sulzer’s summer wellness challenge series, we turned up the heat. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. So, our challenge was to complete just that! When divided across five days, the challenge called for about 30 minutes of exercise per day from Monday to Friday. Totally feasible!

To hold participants accountable, we created a chart to track your daily minutes of exercise completed each day. We set one rule to make sure it was fair: workouts had to be completed outside of work hours – we were encouraged to practice exercising at home in hopes it would create a new routine!

While I do not consider myself a fitness guru, I generally exercise a few times a week. For this challenge, I promised myself to at least get a little exercise every day. Did I achieve my goal?


Day #1: It’s Monday- I’m tired, but I wanted to start this challenge off on the right foot (literally). I quickly got ready for work and took my puppy, Molly, out for a brisk morning walk around our block. Since it is early in the morning, the weather is perfect and I have time to enjoy a cup of coffee. I enjoy taking morning walks whenever I can because it helps me wake up and get the blood flowing. After work, I went home and quickly changed into workout clothes. Before doing anything else, I went to my mini-home gym and completed minutes on my Stairmaster. I believe that it is important to get my workout in before getting too comfortable at home because once I sit on the couch or begin household chores, forget about exercise!

Daily exercise: 45 minutes

Molly posing during her walk!

Day #2: Tuesday- and for me it was more like Doomsday. I took Molly out for another walk and decided to take a different route resulting in 25 minutes of exercise and it is only 8am! When I got to the office to log my minutes for Monday, I couldn’t help but notice that some people completed upwards of an hour on Day 1. Refusing to get discouraged, I reminded myself to never compare! After work, I went home and tried a time under tension class on the Daily Burn . I have been a member for over 3 years and I love being able to take a class from anywhere using the app. The class for today was so INTENSE that I found myself unable to walk up the stairs for a good 10 minutes.

Daily exercise: 60 minutes

Day #3: Wednesday- So now I am sore from Tuesday’s workout and I am not a happy camper. I still went for a walk in the morning with Molly before work. Feeling a little unmotivated, I stopped by Marshall’s after work and got some fun fitness gear. I would be lying if I said athleisure was not one of my favorite fashion trends of all time. How do I justify owning so many leggings and sneakers? By reminding myself that I can wear it to both work out and hang out. Also, cute sportswear motivates me to work out.

Daily exercise: 20 minutes

Day #4: Thursday- and I am still sore… why? Two days out from Tuesday’s intense workout and I can barely get out of bed. I took 15 minutes this morning to stretch and try to release my muscles- I guess that means I had a good workout! After work, I decided to go outdoors for a jog. I live near a track so I walked over, jogged a mile, and walked a mile. As I cooled down and walked home, I treated myself to an ice cream.

Daily exercise: 45 minutes

Day #5: Fri-YAY! Good news is that I am less sore thanks to Thursday’s jog. I was able to make it through the work day without falling out of my seat. Fridays during the summer, we have 1.5 hours of free time to relax and bond as a team. I took advantage of the nice weather and played a little frisbee. Having completed the 150 Minutes challenge, I could have easily gone home and binge watched The Office. Instead, I kept the momentum going when I got home and completed 20 minutes on the Stairmaster to start my weekend.

My mini-gym!

Daily exercise: 35 minutes

Committing to five straight days of exercise with my schedule was not as easy as I thought, but I surpassed the minimum amount and worked out for a total of 205 minutes! It wasn’t easily achieved, however. Three reasons why I struggled: things happen last minute, life gets busy, or I am just plain tired. I will also throw in, “the weather is gross” as a valid excuse. I did, however; learn that endorphins are like magic and that simple fact kept me going. Getting to the Stairmaster was tough on occasions, but I never once regretted it when I was done.

This fitness challenge was there to push me out of my comfort zone (which typically consisted of sitting on the couch) and showed me how much better it feels to get up and move. Moving forward, whenever I feel lazy, I need to remind myself of how great I will feel after a workout. Now that I’ve completed this challenge, I have learned that I am capable of exercising more frequently and I just need to stop with the excuses!

Super excited for our next challenge!


Everyday I’m Guzzlin’

By, Cristina Moreno

Cristina, HR Coordinator

Ever heard of the 8×8 rule for drinking a healthy amount of water daily? 8 glasses of 8 ounces everyday. Easy to remember, and realistic to achieve. Or so we thought…

Last month, we embarked on an office-wide activity as part of our summer challenge series. The task: drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day for an entire work week. That’s 320 ounces between Monday and Friday! Many were excited for some friendly competition, and I was all game. To keep track of our water intake, we had a chart by our water cooler that we would mark every time we finished a glass – we relied on the honor system.

Before the challenge, I thought I was pretty good at consistently drinking water throughout the day, and thought this would be a breeze! But when I factored in how busy my workday sometimes gets, I realized that some days I would forget to drink any water at all – not acceptable! I changed my mindset and dedicated myself to this challenge, and here’s how my week of intense hydration went:

Day #1: Easy as Pie: I came into work ready to tackle the challenge. First, I filled my handy Sulzer branded S’well bottle which holds 17oz of water. While I was waiting for the coffee to brew, I took advantage and drank some water. Off to a great start! I successfully finished Monday’s water intake without thinking twice.

Day #2: Chug-a-Thon: I think I came into Tuesday a little too confident. By lunch-time I didn’t even finish my first bottle of water. Many team members finished their water for the day and I was really behind. At 4pm, I challenged a colleague of mine to a power hour of sorts. Determined to complete the challenge, I drank 34oz in one hour. Granted, I may have not felt so great after. 

Day #3: Time to Strategize: Disappointed with Tuesday’s results, I promised myself to be more mindful for the remainder of the week. I made sure to drink an entire 16oz water bottle before even touching my coffee mug. It felt great to walk into the office and mark the water chart before anyone else did. In the afternoon, I grabbed a sparkling flavored water as a pick-me-up that also allowed me to mark the chart.

Day #4: No Cutting the Bathroom Line: Things got real at the office as the water challenge was in full effect…there was an actual bathroom line! Throughout the day I like to drink coffee, mostly because it warms me up. On Thursday, I decided to swap my coffee for some tea, which allowed me to continue the streak even as I got home.

Day #5: Feeling Fine on a Friday: I woke up feeling energized! Could it be all the water I was drinking? Determined to finish strong, I scoured the internet for an app that would help me track my water. The search led me to WaterMinder, an app that syncs with my phone and iWatch. I used WaterMinder to set reminders for myself during the day and it worked great! By early afternoon, I had completed the water challenge. #HYDRATIONMOTIVATION

From left: Frank, Shannon, Elliot, Cristina, and Holger

In the end, this challenge really proved that I was not drinking enough water, or any on some days! Thinking back before the challenge, I was quick to grab a coffee, soda, or juice often, which didn’t help.

Now, I wake up craving water before anything else! I find myself feeling more energized and even sleeping better through the night. I feel fully committed to drinking water more in general, and feel confident I can do so with ease. It’s amazing how 5 days launched me towards a healthier me, and I’d like to thank some friendly office competition for it.

First summer challenge down… I‘m ready for what’s next.









Happy Fourth of July!

Land of the free, because of the brave!

Our office will be closed tomorrow for the July 4th holiday.

Enjoy the holiday!

From your favorite HR team

Birthday Celebrations

People born in July tend to have a more optimistic outlook than those born in colder months, according to Business Insider, so this month, we are celebrating our sun-loving birthdays!

Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, a milestone, or an accomplishment, we believe office celebrations are more than just eating cake and signing a card. They’re about being appreciated and recognized for hard work, coming together as a team, and feeling motivated to work even harder.Employees can gain these intangible benefits from any company event – during work hours or after! Here at Sulzer, we celebrate everyone’s birthday, holidays, and completions of major projects,  because we believe in celebrating life’s big and small moments!

Birthday gatherings are for much more than celebrating just the person born on that day. When you get a team together, it provides a sense of a support system that goes beyond saying “Happy Birthday!” It says, “We appreciate you and want to be a part of your special day.” Before you light candles and surprise an employee with a song and treats on their birthday, think about all the other great reasons to celebrate, not just for that one person, but for all the benefits you’ll see from it within your entire team!


Celebrations, no matter the size, allow employees to be recognized for their accomplishments both in the office and in their personal lives. When employees are recognized for their accomplishments, they feel valued and can see that their employers are taking a personal interest in their lives. Most people appreciate being recognized either for birthdays, retirement, or just a job well done!

Team Building 

Since celebrations often have a relaxed atmosphere, employees can unwind a bit and enjoy being with their team in a more care-free setting. Celebrations provide a short break from their work which allows them to reset and return to work fresh and clear. What better way to bring the team together than in an environment where they step away from their work for a moment, tell some stories, and eat some cake?!


Oftentimes when employees are recognized for their accomplishments, morale and motivation increases. Seeing others get recognized will boost their own work ethic in hopes of receiving the same appraisal. It’s an endless, positive cycle: Recognize accomplishment, boost morale, improve motivation, recognize more accomplishments!

Here at Sulzer, we look forward to any celebration that involves good food and great people!


Happy birthday to our upcoming July celebrants!

Touhid, July 5th

Evgeny, July 6th

Frank M, July 21st

Christian, July 26th