Catching Up With Sulzer US

Catching Up With Sulzer US

We’ve had a busy last couple of weeks but that doesn’t stop us from having fun in the office!

Here at Sulzer US, we look forward to any celebration that involves good food and great people! Towards the end of the year we had lots of birthdays, which of course means bringing in some treats for everyone.

On January 11th we celebrated Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day by creating name tags in code.

Did you know Morse Code served as a foundation for one of the first high-speed communication networks in the world?!

Wednesdays─ the half way mark of the work week. What’s a better way to celebrate than with a DQ run? Yum!  

Our Human Resources team actively works hard to find fun activities we can do as a team. Keep an eye out for some more as Sulzer US is ready to kick the new year off right!

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