Bootcamp Breakdown

Bootcamp Breakdown

As Sulzer US continues to grow, we have been lucky enough to find some of our employees through various bootcamps! In “Bootcamp Breakdown,” we’ll give you insight from our experienced team members on how they prepared for coding bootcamp and what they learned from their journeys.

Evan from Columbia Engineering


A little about Evan…

Evan found the Columbia Full- Stack Web Development bootcamp through an online ad. The bootcamp sent him some basic paperwork in the mail and after completing it, he was ready for the six-month, part-time journey. Evan found coding in a group to be very different from other types of group projects. He found constant communication was a must. It was also important to be extremely careful when editing someone else’s code. Besides covering dozens of other different technologies, Evan is pleased to have learned a lot about how to use Google’s search engine to its maximum benefit.

By the end of the bootcamp, Evan created his favorite project–a pronunciation quiz for his ESL (English as a Second Language) students. The quiz played audio of two similar English words and the student had to choose what word was being said. Evan used jQuery and Bootstrap. Even though these technologies aren’t as advanced as others, Evan was able to complete the project early in the bootcamp. That’s impressive!

What is his advice for future bootcamp students?

“Take every assignment one step further. The homework assignments are practically spoon-fed to you if you pay attention to the classwork. The best way to learn more is to push the limits and try to do something that’s way out of your depth.”



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