BMW ChargeForward

BMW ChargeForward

The Sulzer US team is proud to announce the successful launch of the BMW ChargeForward program, which tests the ability of electric vehicles to support the energy grid as a flexible grid resource.

A tremendous amount of work has been put in by the team here at Sulzer US and we are extremely proud of everyone’s efforts to get this project on the streets! But special notice goes to, George Magharious, who took the lead on the project. He comments that the app is a brilliant way to manage the charging time of users, while excluding rush hours to save energy. “Coming from a strong background in iOS development, I was excited to take on the challenge of working on an Android project. The project was an unexpected surprise that allowed me the freedom to explore the technology within the given parameters from the client. It’s very surreal to see an app that I worked on being talked about in the news!”



Ari Venrenen writes about the success of the program in her article, PG&E, BMW Pilot Successfully Demonstrates Electric Vehicles as an Effective Grid Resource:


“The newly released program results successfully demonstrate PG&E’s theory that EVs can be used as a flexible grid resource- which could ultimately lead to cost savings associated with operating and maintaining the grid as well as owning an EV.

‘As EV adoption continues to grow, the potential for these clean vehicles as a grid resource becomes more significant,’ said David Almeida, program manager for the PG&E and BMW iChargeForward pilot program. ‘The success of this pilot program helps to demonstrate the future possibilities of scaling the smart charging capabilities of this growing resource to support the energy grid.’

For the 18-month pilot, PG&E and BMW worked together to test how managed charging of customer-owned  EVs can benefit the grid during times of high demand. Throughout the program, PG&E sent demand response signals to BMW requesting a load reduction on the grid of up to 100 kilowatts. BMW selected vehicles for delayed charging- up to one hour delay per day- and sent a signal to the drivers through their existing BMW smart phone application.”


The success of the pilot grants BMW the chance to lead a second phase, which will explore optimizing charging events wherever the vehicle is charging-whether at home or on the go! Sulzer US enthusiastically looks towards the future success of this project!


See the full i ChargeForward article:

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Introducing the BMW ChargeForward Program

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