Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations

People born in July tend to have a more optimistic outlook than those born in colder months, according to Business Insider, so this month, we are celebrating our sun-loving birthdays!

Whether we’re celebrating a birthday, a milestone, or an accomplishment, we believe office celebrations are more than just eating cake and signing a card. They’re about being appreciated and recognized for hard work, coming together as a team, and feeling motivated to work even harder.Employees can gain these intangible benefits from any company event – during work hours or after! Here at Sulzer, we celebrate everyone’s birthday, holidays, and completions of major projects,  because we believe in celebrating life’s big and small moments!

Birthday gatherings are for much more than celebrating just the person born on that day. When you get a team together, it provides a sense of a support system that goes beyond saying “Happy Birthday!” It says, “We appreciate you and want to be a part of your special day.” Before you light candles and surprise an employee with a song and treats on their birthday, think about all the other great reasons to celebrate, not just for that one person, but for all the benefits you’ll see from it within your entire team!


Celebrations, no matter the size, allow employees to be recognized for their accomplishments both in the office and in their personal lives. When employees are recognized for their accomplishments, they feel valued and can see that their employers are taking a personal interest in their lives. Most people appreciate being recognized either for birthdays, retirement, or just a job well done!

Team Building 

Since celebrations often have a relaxed atmosphere, employees can unwind a bit and enjoy being with their team in a more care-free setting. Celebrations provide a short break from their work which allows them to reset and return to work fresh and clear. What better way to bring the team together than in an environment where they step away from their work for a moment, tell some stories, and eat some cake?!


Oftentimes when employees are recognized for their accomplishments, morale and motivation increases. Seeing others get recognized will boost their own work ethic in hopes of receiving the same appraisal. It’s an endless, positive cycle: Recognize accomplishment, boost morale, improve motivation, recognize more accomplishments!

Here at Sulzer, we look forward to any celebration that involves good food and great people!


Happy birthday to our upcoming July celebrants!

Touhid, July 5th

Evgeny, July 6th

Frank M, July 21st

Christian, July 26th






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