A New Face, and Voice

A New Face, and Voice

My name is Shannon and I am the new Management Assistant at Sulzer US! I’ve been working closely with the HR team and have the pleasure of taking on responsibility of the Sulzer Blog. I’m excited to continue to share content like the Sulzer Squad and to add a new perspective to other fun weekly posts.

I was previously working for the Marketing department at a law firm in NYC. I handled all office management and extensively tracked expenses, which I will also be doing here at Sulzer. Office size is one of the biggest changes so far. (That, and my commute!!). The firm employed a few thousand people, whereas Sulzer is currently less than 30. The smaller dynamic is already proving to be a welcome change. Everyone is approachable and willing to help as I learn all I can about the company. With characteristics of a startup, I will be able to learn much more than what is required of a typical assistant, and grow as an employee and as a person in the process.

I feel like I already have a connection with this blog. It may, in part, be the reason why I landed this job! I’d done my research prior to interviewing, just as any good candidate does, but I looked beyond just what the company does. I checked out the Sulzer blog and saw that the employees spend time together outside of work also, and I mentioned how attracted I was to this in my interview. The purpose of creating the blog was to showcase the work culture and promote the company to the public. It worked. It caught my attention and made me even more interested to work for Sulzer and to be a part of such a professional, yet sociable team.

When I’m not working, I enjoy being active and visiting new places. I’m fortunate to live in an area with many hiking trails and scenic views like the Hudson River (dirty, but beautiful from 500 feet above). My dog, Brandy, is especially fond of these trails!! As fall approaches, I’m looking forward to doing all the traditional day trips like apple picking and hay rides, and going to the US Open tennis tournament and a few more Yankees games, too! And let’s not forget about the start of football season…(Dear Jets, please get better ASAP.)



I look forward to sharing future Sulzer blog posts with you! Stay tuned…!

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