“A Day in the Life” Series: Application Support Specialist

“A Day in the Life” Series: Application Support Specialist


Meet: Anthony

Title: Application Support Specialist

Location: Montvale, NJ

Time with Sulzer: 2.5 years

Team Size: 7



Quick overview of role:

I have a hybrid role: Application Support for our clients as well as performing System Admin and support tasks for our Internal Sulzer US users.


On an average day …

8:00am – We have a rotating shift so depending on the week I can start my day at 8am or at 10 am. First thing I check is e-mails and ticket queue.

Rise and grind! Anthony making a fresh pot  of coffee for the team 🙂

9:00am – Check the database for one of our projects with BMW. We check to see if any of the data needs to be manually updated. If the data needs to be updated, I proceed with adding the values to the database. 

10:00am-11:00am – Around this time most of the users are in the office and issues arise. It can be Networking issues for example, reaching a host though our VPN to a client’s network. Some other issue can be that something isn’t working with their laptop or account password.

1:00pm – After lunch I check the ticket Queue and E-mails for any notifications for arising issues. Proceed with troubleshooting. 

2:00pm – Besides working on troubleshooting tickets, we perform reporting for some of our applications.This consists of a monthly meeting that we analyze our tickets and create a presentation. If there aren’t any tickets/internal issues and/or client reporting, I work on professional development to help increase my knowledge. Currently I am expanding my knowledge of Python.

3:00pm – Review database data check for one of the applications that we support. We get the result in a form of an e-mail that is delivered internally to the team members that support the application.

5:00pm – Work is completed for the day. If I am on the later shift which starts at 10:00am I would stay until 7:00pm.  



Favorite part about role: My favorite part of the role is the diversity of tasks, from troubleshooting client issues to internal support tasks. Prior to Sulzer US, I didn’t have much experience with Linux operating system and now I enjoy Linux a lot. I also enjoy the time we get for professional development, learning anything new is exciting.

Words of advice for someone starting their career: Always think about the knowledge you’re gaining. If your first role isn’t exactly what you were looking for – it is experience. Also finding the perfect work environment helps keep you excited about your tasks at work and not stressed. 

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