“A Day in the Life” Series: Human Resources

“A Day in the Life” Series: Human Resources

Meet: Rachael

Title: HR Generalist

Location: Montvale, NJ

Years of Experience: 1 month

Team Size: 4

As an HR Generalist, I get to dip my toes into many areas of HR, including recruiting, professional development, employee engagement, and employee satisfaction. Some of my responsibilities include maintaining our social media presence, actively sourcing and recruiting candidates through multiple platforms and events, creating and implementing new internal programs to increase employee experience satisfaction, participating in weekly status meetings, and collaborating with my team to support employee engagement. Last summer I was the HR intern here at Sulzer so, I’m excited to take ownership of my full-time role and watch it take shape!


On an average day…

6:45am I wake up and start my day: I usually have some coffee with my Mom before hectically running out the door.

7:45am Leave for work: I like to take the scenic route to work (to avoid rush-hour traffic) so it’s about a 45-minute drive. I typically listen to my favorite radio station 94.7 New York’s country station or Z100-they have a very entertaining talk show in the morning!

8:30am Arrive at the office: clock in and get organized at my desk. I check my emails and respond to any that require urgent replies, pour myself some coffee, and write out my to-do list in my notebook (I love to check off tasks throughout the day).

9:00am Recruiting: I like to jump right into a search when I’m awake and alert! Currently I’m working on a Senior Java Developer search and a Cyber Security Consultant search – along with some other side searches – for our Montvale, NJ office! I stay organized with the help of Greenhouse, our Applicant Tracking System, and LinkedIn Recruiter.

11:00am LinkedIn: I jump on LinkedIn to brush up on the daily events; I like to stay up to date on industry trends and read articles about legal changes, recruiting tips, or just getting inspired by content. This time of day is the most popular time for members to be active on LinkedIn so I will post our weekly posts around this time, too! I have an amazing team behind me who analyzes all the activity of my posts, including the best time of day to post, which content gets the most action, and tracking our followers!

12:30pm Lunch: I like to bring my own lunch most days which usually consists of leftovers from last night’s dinner, or a nice sandwich. But sometimes I treat myself to a walk across the street to one of the food stops such as Wegmans, Habit Burger, Chipotle, or Panera.

1:00pm Webinars: Webinars are a great way to maintain my HR knowledge when I don’t have the time to do research. They usually last an hour and cover topics such as How to Make Sure your Employees Feel Valued, Strategies for Finding Talent in an Ultra-Low Unemployment Environment, and Diversity by Design. Some of my favorites are hosted by SHRM, Bamboo, and Payscale!

2:30pm Interviews: Our interview process consists of 3 steps: a phone screen (conducted by myself), a technical, shared screen Skype interview, and then a face to face interview in which we bring the candidate on site for more questions with HR and developers!

3:30pm Meetings: I’m currently working on some other cool projects with my team, so we meet up to touch base and brainstorm. The HR Coordinator, Cristina, and I are teaming up to create a new and improved Internship Program for our summer interns (to be launched summer 2019), our Management Assistant, Shannon, and Internal IT Specialist, Anthony, and I are implementing a second social media account for Sulzer, and I’m also researching a Sponsorship/ Partnership program!

5:00pm Prepare to head out:  I reply to emails, complete my time tracking, and wash out my coffee mug, then leave the office about 15 minutes later.

5:30pm Workout: I just joined a gym down the road so, it’s super easy to get there either before or after work. I love participating in group fitness classes as I am an instructor myself! I usually attend a super intense, 60-minute full body weight lifting class, BODYPUMP by Les Mills – it’s my favorite.


Rachael, HR Generalist and Cristina, HR Coordinator

Favorite part about role:

I love creating projects from scratch. I’m a super visual person, so there’s something really satisfying about drawing out that first sketch of the program workflow and hanging it on my desk and taking it through the whole process until it’s a final product. That’s why I love keeping notebooks – so I can flip back the pages and watch the project grow and develop.

Words of advice:

Always be looking forward. When you are continuously looking forward, your motivation stays strong because you can envision the end product. This makes it so much easier to draw out specific step by step actions that result in achievable, realistic, and timely goals.





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