Sulzer Girls’ Night

Sulzer Girls’ Night

The ladies of Sulzer US had a “sippy” night out last Friday, June 23rd at the Uptown Art of Westwood, NJ. Meet, drink, and be happy is the motto of this fun, social activity that provides hands-on art instruction along with paint supplies, canvases, aprons, and all your wine needs for a great time!

Each Uptown Art location has a monthly calendar where you can choose which class you would like to attend, and the painting that will be featured!

BYOB style, you can bring your beer or wine and enjoy a night out with friends! They provide you with bottle openers, glasses, and ice for chilling!    

It was a good bonding experience with my co-workers, I really got to know them better! I was happy it was really step by step so everyone could succeed. I think doing activities outside of work is great for bonding and team building. It also gave me an opportunity to partake in an artsy activity, which I normally wouldn’t do on my own, so that was a bonus!

-Sharon, Developer


It was such a fun way to socialize with my coworkers outside of the office! With only four women in the company, it’s great to be able to get together to do something silly and fun with just us.

-Rachael, HR Intern


It was a fun and easy way to learn to paint and bond with your colleagues. My favorite part was to sit in a group together paint the same painting, chit chat and sip. Everyone’s painting came out so beautiful and unique.

-Poonam, Sr. Developer


I had participated in one of these wine and paint classes once before and it was so much fun! I love the unique bonding that it creates and how everybody’s final painting looks so different but all so good – you can really see each person’s interpretation. The night went off just as I had hoped; filled with laughter, creativity and good company!

-Lauren, HR Generalist


Did we inspire you to try it out? Visit their website!

Meet, drink, and paint happy!

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