7 Interview Tips From Our HR Team

7 Interview Tips From Our HR Team

“I’m applying for a job…now what?!”

We’re here with guidance and tips from our amazing HR team to give you insight
as you prepare for your interview and seek out that acceptance offer!



Do your research on the company, even before applying. Keep in mind: “Are their values something I believe in?
Is their culture something I want to be a part of?” Have a general sense of what the company does and if
the company will be a good fit for you, as well as if you will be good fit for the company.


Know your resume inside out and make sure it is up to date. You should be able to walk anyone through your resume
and thoroughly explain your experience without hesitations. You’ll come across as more knowledgeable and confident!


Ask questions in the interview. This shows the recruiters that you did your homework! When asking technical questions for jobs in the technology industry,
interviewers will be signaled that you understand the requirements of the position. When asking non-technical questions, this shows them that
you came prepared and are truly interested in the position.


Be ready for anything. Once you are in the interview, you should be prepared to solve
various problems. For the tech industry specifically, you may be asked to answer using various methods,
such as on a computer or on a whiteboard.


Give yourself time during your entire interview process. When you are scheduling interviews with multiple companies,
try not to overload yourself. 
It may be easy to schedule multiple interviews in one day, however, it can get overwhelming.
Know your limit so that you can stay efficient and succeed in each of interview!


Send a “thank you” note after your interview. It can be in the form of an e-mail or a quick LinkedIn message, or even a brief phone call.
Interviewers love that you take the time to contemplate the interview and genuinely thank them for their time. This is also a great avenue to ask
any last minute questions you didn’t get the chance to ask in the interview.


Enjoy the experience! While interviews can be nerve-racking, there is always something to learn from them!


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