10 Ways to Enjoy Summer When You Work a 9-5

10 Ways to Enjoy Summer When You Work a 9-5

The sun is shining bright, not a cloud in the sky, people stroll around in their shorts and flip flops and the pool down the road is just waiting for you to jump in! Your social media feed is filling with photos of your colleagues and friends on vacation. And here you are, stuck inside staring at your computer screen, breathing in recirculated air, just watching the second hand on the clock tick to 5.

Summer is officially here and in full bloom, so how do you take advantage of these gorgeous summer days when you still have to work your 9-5? Don’t get stuck in a summer-time rut! Here are a few ways you can avoid the summer blues and take matters into your own hands!

  1. Take your lunch outside

If your company has a picnic table or sitting area outside, grab some of your coworkers and take to the outdoors! You’ll be able to get some rays, breathe fresh air, and escape the office for a little while!

  1. Pack your bags

Keep a bag in your car, equipped with a summer outfit, some flip flops, a beach towel, and sunscreen! This makes it easy for you to make plans and head out as soon as that end of day bell rings!

  1. Organize office events

Not sure what to do this weekend? Get your colleagues together for a fun game of soccer or a destination hike! Head to the park nearby or hit the trails in a neighboring town for a half day adventure. Don’t have enough people to make teams? Invite the office next door, you might spark a little competition or even get a tournament going!

  1. Have a BBQ

Know someone who has a grill? Everyone brings a dish and your best grill master mans the grill as you have the best Summer Friday lunch ever! Socialize, eat great food, and get outside! Whether you’re over at the park or tailgating in the parking lot, nothing says summer more than a good old fashioned BBQ.

  1. Organize a group walk

Is your favorite coffee shop or café nearby? Instead of driving the gang over, organize a walk! You’ll be able to stretch your legs while getting some mid-day exercise! And you might start a new trend!

  1. Change up your playlist

Add some fun summer songs to your playlist! From rock n’ roll to country, or 50’s pop to smooth jazz, whatever your taste is there are great songs to add that can add some pep to your step and inspire summer in the office!

  1. Diversify your lunch break

Take advantage of your lunch hour by bringing lunch so you can save more time during your break to catch up on some reading, take a short walk, or get a quick workout at the gym! Breaking up your day makes the day go by faster and makes you more productive!

  1. Create a summer-friendly schedule

Feel like you don’t have enough daylight when you get home at the end of the day? If you can, come into work an hour earlier so you can leave earlier and enjoy more time in the sun!

  1. Tastes of summer

Keep some fun summer snacks in the fridge for you and your coworkers to enjoy during breaks! Snacks you can grab and go, or enjoy while socializing, such as Italian ices, fresh fruits, or home-made dips. If you have more time, take a trip to the local ice cream shop and it becomes an outing!

  1. Leave work at work

When you clock out for the day, your work should officially end! Don’t blend your work day into your down time by answering calls or emails. You only have a certain amount of hours left in the day when you get out of work, so take advantage of them by totally being engaged in your home life!


If you live for summer and wait for it to come around all year, but work a full- time job that may keep you cooped up inside all day, don’t get caught up in your head! Find ways to enjoy your summer while at work! If you maximize and make the best of your vacation days, weekends, and PTO while implementing these small changes to your daily routine, you’ll quickly fall out of your summer-time depression and be happier, healthier, and more productive during the summer days!


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